Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Revamp of blog

Yes, a revamp of this blog is ongoing. I have changed the look and feel of the blog by replacing the older template. The idea is to have a simpler presentation making the posts more readable so that the time spent on this blog would be more comfortable and enjoyable!

Well, it's not just about replacing template and changing the outlook of the blog. I believe it's a fresh time and season of birthing for this blog as well. Hence, a change of direction is necessary and the purpose of the blog becomes more specific but the underlying purpose shall always be for the glory of the Most High God! Hallelujah!!

More of what is to come through this blog will be posted in the near future and prayerfully, there will be a continuous flow of prophetic insights through the Holy Spirit on this platform. Hope that you are already sensing the freshness of the Holy Spirit at the start of this year and here's a blessed New Year 2011 greetings to all past, present and future readers and followers of this blog! Let's go after Jesus!!

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