Monday, January 10, 2011

Prophetic Insight 2011

I received from the Lord last year that it was the dawn of a new season as we stepped into the new decade. I also shared about it being a season of increase. All praise and glory to God, 2010 was definitely a year of increase for me and my family. We had experienced increased in many ways and we were just awed by His goodness! Our God has revealed Himself as a good Father throughout the year and it can be best summed up in the verse in Psalm 84:11 - For the LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. It was not a smooth-sailing journey as we coursed through ups and downs throughout the year but God was faithful to see us through and our hearts are abounding with thanksgiving for all that He has done. Indeed, we trust and believe that it is only the beginning of what He desires to do amongst His children in the days to come.

As we look forward to walk with Him in this new year 2011, we believe it is a continuing of the season of increase. As noted in last year's post, God's plan and purposes cannot be limited to a one year-time frame. Having said that, there is always an emphasis of what He is doing and what He intends to bring forth in the body of Christ and the world for a particular year.

For 2011, I believe we have stepped into a year pregnant with marvellous promises. In fact, many prophetic words of hope and encouragement have been given. A year of breakthrough, double portion blessings, new births, crossing over, etc. etc. And I would say Yes and Amen to all these words! It is important for us to know that we have a good Heavenly Father and He is definitely up to something good for us this year. On a side note, sometimes, people dispute as to the inconsistencies of prophetic words given or the repetition of similar themes going round year after year. But, I believe that just as the Scriptures mentioned, we only prophesy in part and not everyone knows everything and can give an all-encompassing prophecy despite the sharpest prophets in town. Only our all-wise God knows everything and we know that He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. Therefore, He can see from every angle and perspective from the beginning to the end. As His servants wait upon Him, each will receive revelations from a particular angle and therefore, prophesy in part, the end purpose being the edification of His body.

The key word for 2011 is that it is a year of "REVELATION". It is a year of "SEEING". From the "SEEING" and the "REVELATIONS" received, we will step into the breakthroughs, double portion blessings, open doors, crossing over and new births that the Spirit of the Lord is bringing upon His people this year. It is the "intimacy" and the "close bonding" with the Lord that will lead to times of "revelation" and "supernatural seeing". Therefore, let's position ourselves by cultivating times of intimacy with the Lord and to keep our eye-gate positioned to receive divine revelations from Him. This is the key to receiving all that God has prepared for us this year. Be ready to soar high in the spiritual skies. Hallelujah!!

The way that God has been leading His people in the past may not have been clearly understood by His people. In this year 2011, many things will be made clear and we will begin to understand (to a certain degree) the reason God has led us through the paradoxical maze of life in the recent years. There will be greater clarity of His ways and with that, let us also expect to see a greater explosion of His Presence and Power in our midst.

It would be naive to expect a year free of conflicts, trials and opposition along the way. But the way forward is to keep the "VISION" clear before our eyes. The hindrances along the way are meant to be "distractions" leading to "discouragement". Beware, tread carefully, walk circumspectly and it is imperative to guard our hearts and minds at all times. Just as we must position ourselves to see, God sees into our hearts and as the Scriptures remind us in Matthew 5:8, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". Let us therefore embrace 2011 with a heart rooted in love, faith and holiness!

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