Personal Prophecy

[2017 Update]

We apologize as we are unable to fulfil personal prophecy requests at the moment and we encourage you to pursue a love relationship with God from Whom you will receive directions for your lives directly from the Holy Spirit. Have a blessed journey walking with God.

P/s:- We welcome any volunteers who would like to assist us with the prophecy requests. Please write to us. The Lord bless each of you with His manifold grace and wisdom

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Brief Background of Our Online Personal Prophecy Ministry

God has led us to exercise our prophetic gifting by joining an online personal prophecy team in early 2010. Subsequently, my wife and myself continued receiving online prophecy requests through our team leader, Lenora Sarver’s website, Request Free Prophecy (see above)

We believe that it is time that the prophetic function of the body of Christ is awakened to its rightful place of calling out people's prophetic destinies and releasing rhema words of life from the throne room of God. We operate under the new covenant model of prophecy, i.e. to edify, exhort and comfort.

No, we are not psychics but we deliver whatever the Holy Spirit leads. We prefer that you do not ask any specific questions in your request but rather trust God that He will deliver to you what He wants to say to you in this season of your life.

As a reminder, it is prudent to weigh carefully each prophecy that you receive. The Scriptures exhorts us to “test the spirits”. We encourage you to take the words received to the Lord in prayer. Be rest assured that God will confirm His words to you. In addition, your own spirit may also bear witness with His words and you may also ask your church leaders or pastors for guidance. A simple guide to weigh prophetic words that are given is that they should make sense to you personally and be in line with the Scriptures. We pray that you will be blessed by His prophetic words to you and that you will be drawn closer to Jesus, the lover of our souls.

Introducing Sister April

From August 2013, April has joined us in the personal prophecy team. By way of introduction, April is a prophetic hand-maiden of the Lord who has a heart to minister a timely word from the heart of God to bless His children. Her life is a testimony of God’s unfailing love, mercy and hope. She has truly experienced the life-changing power of God at work in her life and God has also placed in her the desire to be all that God has prepared for her and to rise up in faith to be an overcomer for such a time as this. She ministers prophetically with a passion to edify, exhort and comfort God’s people.

Write to us for your free personal prophecy today!

If you would like to receive a free personal prophecy from us, please contact us and allow 3 to 4 weeks (more or less) for us to revert to you. We respect the privacy of each request and it will not be shared with any third party without your prior consent.

With love and blessings,
Benjamin and Aimee