Thursday, October 15, 2009

Viewing opposition from the Throne Room perspective

At different seasons of our lives, we experience opposition of varying forms and intensity. When our lives are smooth sailing we would be bubbling with confidence, "Come what may, with Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm.." But, with the slightest feeling of some kind of opposition, we would be joining the loud choruses of the disciples on the boat, "Wake up, Jesus! Don't you care? Why are you sleeping?"

A deep conviction that the God we believe in is a big, great and wonderful God is of utmost value in our Christian walk. Knowing that He is in control despite the circumstances in our lives that are beyond our control is a sign of maturity in our relationship with God. Mere intellectual knowing is insufficient. It has to be the work of the Holy Spirit birthing such "spiritual confidence" in the One who is worthy of our trust through different experiences in our lives.

At the same time, our response is crucial when we experience storms or opposition in our lives. Our soulish response would not only aggravate the situation but sometimes it may result in injuring ourselves along the way. Sometimes, unknowingly we fell into the traps of the enemy and find ourselves in bondages of fear, pain and unforgiveness through our fleshly response during such times. The power to bless or to curse is ours for the choosing. And it is a whole world of difference in the way we choose to respond.

Recently, I came across a wonderful testimony by Graham Cooke on the youtube. In the short video clip below, Graham shared about how three guys tried to discredit his School of Prophecy in the UK. Then, in the manner which God always speak to Graham, he found himself in the Throne Room and he was shown what was really happening. It is a powerful revelation and would completely change the way we think and we view opposition in our lives.


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