Friday, October 23, 2009

A Sign of His Love

by Mary Trask

(source: Destiny Image Newsletter: click here)


I have always been drawn to the great beauty found in God's creation around us; however, I don't think I truly appreciated the stones of the earth until I began studying the gemstone wall of Revelation 21. My four-year odyssey began solely in discovering what the Word of God had to say through these stones. Two years into this investigation, my husband and I became occasional recipients of heavenly gemstones.

At first, it became an obsession to begin looking for gemstones everywhere I went and then the Holy Spirit cautioned me. Was I seeking more after these gifts than the Giver Himself? Though the beauty of His gifts was dazzling, my heart needed to return to my first love: the pursuit of the Lord and my knowledge of Him.

Only about a month ago, another gemstone appeared in front of a jeweler in the mall just as I had been ministering to him about the meaning of the Bible's gemstones described in my book, The 12 Gemstones of Revelation. He was shocked and I was thrilled. The Lord was obviously confirming the preaching of His word with an accompanying sign (Mark 16:20).The gemstone was simply a demonstration of His love.

So why are heavenly gemstones appearing in some places and not in others? Let me respond by asking why some people have the manifestation of "gold dust" all over them at times? Why do some see angels on a regular basis? Why gifts of healing? Why are some permitted to visit heaven prior to their death?

One solid answer is found in 1 Corinthians 12:6 where we are told "There are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all." It is God who decides how and when He moves, not us. Any manifestation of His love, whether it is a gemstone, or a rhema word spoken to our hearts, is designed specifically by a God who loves us deeply.

In examining a possible purpose of these gemstones, I found that in the Bible stones have been used as a reminder of an encounter between God and man (See Joshua 4:20-24). In noting an increase in the heavenly gemstone phenomenon, I believe the Father is reminding the church of an upcoming event that He desires us to prepare for...the wedding feast of the Lamb.

The gemstones found in Revelation 21 are adorning the bride, New Jerusalem, so in the same manner, the Lord is calling the church to begin adorning herself with true riches...His spiritual gifts that cause us to radiate with the glory of His Presence. The message of the stones is a call for the bride of Christ to grow up spiritually so she can truly become a transparent carrier of His glory to a lost world. It is my belief that the gemstones simply remind us to die daily so in maturity we reflect only the Father's love and truly become the glorious bride He desires.

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