Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Letter from Jesus

My Beloved Child,

How it pleases me to see Your desire to spend time with Me. My heart is pleased that you do not only want My gifts, what I can do for you, but that you desire Me. That You desire relationship with Me above the blessings and gifts that I give. I am even more pleased that you do not want to stay in shallow waters, but you want to venture deep, deep into the depths of My Spirit. You desire to seek My face. You desire close, face to face communion. How I long for that. Nothing gives Me greater pleasure than when My children come to Me, just because they love Me, and not just for what I can do for them.

I see Your frustrations, I see your battles, ask for My help and I will give you wisdom. I will show you how to overcome. Knowing Me has never been this important. Before it was a luxury, now it is essential for My children to know Me. You do not get to know Me, by working for Me. I don't reveal my intimate secrets to servants. I reveal My intimate secrets to my friends, those who love Me, those who care about My feelings, who share My heart and My burdens. How I long to have friends. I did not die to receive slaves who work for me, I died to open the way for intimate friendship. It satisfies My longing heart when you draw close to Me in intimacy, and in return I satisfy your heart. You have places in your heart that can only be satisfied by Me. Don't run from Me, but run to Me. My arms are wide open.

Seeking my face, will make you a holy habitation of My presence. You cannot spend time with the King of Kings and leave My presence without a deposit of My presence. How I desire a people who will not only walk in power, but who walk in holiness and integrity "...live in Me, and I will live in you."(John 15:4 LB) I will take you to that place where My desires will become more important to you than your own desires. I know the road is hard at times, it is not easy to die to self, but to be inhabited by God Most High, there is no greater glory, no greater satisfaction, but who would have thought that you attain that by coming close, sitting in My presence, beholding My beauty, seeking My face. It is not attainable by working hard for Me. My ways are not your ways. Col 1:27 "And this is the secret: that Christ in your hearts is your only hope of glory."

Your friend,

P/s: Received this wonderful letter from a prophetic-class email subscription and posted with the permission of the sender.

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