Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Season of the Lord : Time to Enter In

Whilst I was in the midst of perusing some office documents yesterday, I heard the whisper of God's voice in my heart, "Season of the Lord, time to enter in." It came as a little surprise to me because the word of the Lord came to me not during my usual devotional time or not when I was waiting for Him to speak. Indeed, this is the beauty of walking with our awesome God. As the hymn writer aptly described our relationship with the Living God, "He walks with me and He talks with me..."

Shortly after the above 'divine incident', I checked my email and saw the title of Melissa Flores' post which caught my attention: "A Clash of Seasons". It was like I received an immediate confirmation of what I have just heard!

A Strategic NOW Word
I believe God is releasing a very strategic word to His body right now. We are in a time and season of divine acceleration in God's calendar. Sometimes, perhaps due to the long wait for God's answers to many of our prayers and His fulfillment of His promises, we are accustomed to thinking that we will see the fulfillment of His words "some time in the future". Yes, we may be excited when we first received the vision but as years dragged by and when we seem to be "wiser" after the days of trials and wilderness, we've lost the child-like faith of believing God for the PRESENT and for the NOW. In the past weeks, I have personally experienced two amazing accounts of God's divine acceleration at work which completely caught me by surprise! Hallelujah! All glory to God!

What time is it?
It is important to know the times and seasons we are in according to God's calendar, especially God's kairos time for His people in this hour. The consequence of missing God's timing could be disastrous as we can see from the example of King David's life. When it was a time for kings to be out involved in battles, he was up on the roof relaxing! Let's take heed and move according to God's timing instead of ours. Now is the time to enter into God's season. It's time to believe, declare and to be focussed on Him. It's time not to be distracted but to move forward and step in to His season. Do you know what time is it now? Its' the Season of the Lord and it is Time to Enter in.

A side note
We have been receiving a number of personal prophecy requests lately and some of you may have waited for a while to receive any feedback from us. Please be rest assured that every request will be attended to. We appreciate your patience and we covet your prayers too! We believe that the Lord is also leading us to begin a free online prophetic school soon as it is the inheritance of God's children to hear the voice of the Shepherd. So, please pray with us and check back regularly for updates on the free online prophetic school (if you're interested!). Bless you!

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