Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rosh Hashanah 5772

This year, Rosh Hashana (literally, "head of the year") marks the Jewish year 5772, which began at sunset Wednesday and ends at nightfall Friday. Interestingly, it is both a celebration of the Jewish New Year as well as a time of reflection and repentance. Unlike our Gregorion calendar, the New Year is actually not the first month in the Hebrew calendar, rather the first two days in the seventh month, known as Tishrei. Rosh Hashanah takes place 10 days before Day of Atonement (or Yom Kippur), and many use this time to ponder, reflect and meditate, especially throughout whas is known as the 10 days of reflection. During the 10-day period, many will seek forgiveness from those they have wronged in preparation of Day of Atonement.

Little did I know that God has prepared a couple of divine appointments with Him during this time of the year. Firstly, a day before Rosh Hashanah, I attended a meeting where an evangelist from Pakistan was scheduled to minister. I have not heard him speak before but as he began to share from the Word, you just know that you are listening to a humble, servant of the Most High God. It was a simple yet penetrating message that spoke to my heart indeed. But the icing on the cake was when he ministered prophetically to everyone personally. I whispered in my heart, asking the Lord to speak a timely word that I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. Then, beyond my expectation, the evangelist released a word of knowledge about something very personal that touches my heart deeply. Somehow, knowing that God speaks something so personal to you through a total stranger brings a fresh revelation of God's love for you. And together with the word of knowledge, he released a timely word of encouragement from the throne room of God. Amen and hallelujah!! What a great God we serve.

On the next day, I received an sms in the morning from a dear pastor that his church was hosting the last meeting of a series of meetings with a couple from South America whom my wife and myself have last met about five years ago. Cutting a long story short, armed with the Lord's divine confirmation, favour and arrangement, I drove about 144km to attend the meeting with my wife and children in the evening. It was a joyous ocassion to be re-united with the dear pastor and family as well as the South American pastors. My wife and myself were tremendously blessed by the ministry of the Holy Spirit through His servants and again, God spoke to us in an intimate manner. All glory to God!

If you are reading this post now, believe that God has also arranged His little surprises to bless you as you seek Him today, especially during this period of time. It is a time that God will bring to your remembrance, the great and precious inheritance you have in Christ Jesus in your life. There may be dreams, aspirations and visions that God has planted within you in the past but they have been buried deep in the valley of disappointments, disillusionments and discouragements. Fret not, for this is the time, dry bones shall live again! It is the Lord's desire to visit our valley of dry bones today even as He will open the doors for us to enter into the next phase or the next season that He has prepared for us.

Yes, undoubtedly, we are living in the midst of shakings all around us. Tremendous change is taking place at every level of life that we know. And things are happening at a frightening pace. In the midst of this increasing deep darkness, there are also a lot of spiritual activities amongst the remnant of His people, His bride. Now is the time for us to be equipped and be prepared as we allow the Lord to work in us as He builds His ark within us. Now is the time to seek Him while He may be found. Let's set aside the next couple of days to seek Him with all our hearts and also a time of reflection and repentance. As we ask, seek and knock before the throne of God, certainly doors that have been shut in the past will be opened to us for there is no denying that now is also the appointed time to know the goodness of the Lord and that His love endures forever.

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