Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three Questions

Whilst in prayer this morning, I was meditating on the following 3 questions in my heart: -

1. Am I ready and willing to be made "not-ready" by my Bridegroom so that He can then begin to make me ready for Him and His purposes?

This will mark the end of all our strivings. Whether the intention is good or not, instead of propelling us further in His will, all our strivings will only lead to the ultimate entrapment in our small coccoons of self and flesh. Rather,it's about receiving and returning His love and communing with Him. Then, we will find ourselves in the divine flow of His plans and purposes concerning His Bride. Yes, we will let go and let God... for He is lovely.

2. Will I trust Him and allow Him to remove every other thing which I have relied, depended and put my trust upon (whether knowingly and unknowingly) so that I will only trust God and God alone for life and godliness?

To our own surprise, we depend on many things in this life. Most are legitimate sources of dependence and strength. Sometimes, the good gifts we receive from our Loving Father become avenues from where we switch our attention and devotion away from Him. Good and legitimate things can stand in the way of total dependence on our God. To fully trust in Him is a state of blessedness indeed, where our hope is the Lord Himself. To choose this path will definitely rock the boat of our lives a little. This explains the many shakings in our lives. But it matters not when He is in our boats for when all that can be shaken have been shaken and destroyed what is left is the Bridegroom with His Bride.

3. Am I willing to allow His light of love to continually search my heart to remove all hindrances that I may receive the full manifestation of Christ and His glory within me?

To have more of Him is to lose more of me. For Him to increase I must decrease. It is precious when the Holy Spirit shows us the shades of self and pride within us. It is our Daddy's gentle acts of love when His light shines in our hearts but when the enemy accuses, the cloud of darkness descends upon us. When He reveals the rival thrones in our hearts, it's time we bow down and worship the true and Living God in repentance.

This brings to mind the intimate worship song (written by Graham Kendrick):

To keep your lovely face
Ever before my eyes
This is my prayer
Make it my strong desire
That in my secret heart
No other love competes
No rival throne survives
And I love (serve) only You

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