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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jezebel 2010

This is an excellent and timely perspective written by Kerry W. Knorr. Whilst reading this write-up, I have found some answers to the questions I have been asking in my heart lately. I believe these words are of global application to all of us, whether we are from the US or otherwise. Read, meditate on them and together, let's prophesy to the four corners of the earth: Arise and shine, Elijah Generation! Be blessed.


There are some extensive studies of Jezebel out there that are already written and are pretty good. John Paul Jackson and Francis Frangipane's works are among them. What I have to teach about Jezebel would mostly mirror those teachings. Rather than rehash the whole teaching here, I will offer perspective that don't often show up in other studies, and add a contemporary application.

An aspect of Jezebel that is often overlooked or under-emphasized, is simply the meaning and ramifications of the name. The name Jezebel means 'unchaste' or 'uncommitted.' The Hebraic pictographs that form the name depict an introversion or self centeredness. The name is actually a question: "How do I live? Jezebel represents all of the undecided questions: where, how, when, why, with whom and what am I going to do to live? These questions portray no clear identity, no work ethic, no authority and no relationship with the altar of the One who made all things. It is an unanswered question which reveals indecision and lack of commitment. It is the type of indecision and complacency that merely maintains comfort levels. When the question of identity remains unanswered, any surrogate fills the void: "I'm stupid," "I'm gay," "I am my occupation," etc. Uncommitted, indecisive, insecure and self centered people who don't know who they are describes a very large percentage of the individuals that comprise the Christian Church today. I'm telling you that this spirit is far bigger than any individual. In fact, most individuals are its victims. Jezebel was not overthrown because a war was waged against either her or her idolatries. She was overthrown as an incidental part of establishing righteous government that rightly honored God. You see, it is not merely an issue of tolerating unanswered questions, but also a failure to take a stand in the answers to those questions that flow from God.

One perspective of dealing with a Jezebel Spirit has been wrong since the Dark Ages. It is the mechanism of singling out an individual and attacking them as though they were the spirit. To label a person, slander, accuse, attack and remove from community is exactly the mechanism that Jezebel used to murder Naboth. Leaders unwittingly participate with the Spirit of Jezebel in destroying members of their own church. Both the leader and the problem children are afflicted with the same issues - a lack of commitment to one another and a lack of authentic authority from God at work in the atmosphere. The behavior of individuals is indeed a strong indicator that the Jezebel Spirit is attacking your community. You don't ignore the behaviors, but handle them in a Mt:18 redemptive way in the presence of witnesses. The individual is not the problem. It is much bigger than that. Jezebel comprises a complex of ruling spirits in high places. Components of that complex will leak through virtually any enabling or co-dependant insecurity. You can get rid of individuals, but that only fuels the fire that ultimately burns your house down. It is when men rendered impotent by unanswered questions take a stand, that the Spirit of Jezebel is overthrown.